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Apple Issues a Quick Fix for a Fix that was Unfixed

Apple has released an update that fixes the JailBreak security issue that was inadvertently reopened by the iOS 12.4 update. This flaw could allow hackers unscrupulous to penetrate into malicious applications that can execute arbitrary code with system privileges.


The bug was initially detected by Ned Williamson in collaboration with Google Project Zero. Apple thanked him in the release notes of the iOS version 12.4.1 for discovering these critical security flaws that allow hackers to infiltrate the operating system.

In addition, an unknown user named @pwn20wnd has published a POC of the Git flaw. The same user also said “It is very likely that hackers have already exploited this flaw for malicious purposes”. Apple also thanked @pwn20wnd in the release notes of iOS version 12.4.1 for bringing this vulnerability to his attention.


The term “JailBreak” is associated with the use of an iPhone in its most “Unlocked” form. Owning an “JailBreaked” iPhone allows you for example to install applications not approved by Apple or to customize the interface in different ways.


Many users suggest that a JailBreak phone gives you more control over your device by allowing you to add additional apps and features that are not approved by Apple. But the “JailBreak” disables many security features implemented by Apple to protect its users from the installation of malicious applications from the Apple Store and the coverage of potential security risks. Therefore, jailbreak a phone still has many disadvantages and can be very dangerous.


Apple engineers recommend that iPhone owners who have not Jailbreaked their phones update it with the latest version of iOS 12.4.1 in the shortest possible time. Failed to do so could allow hackers to penetrate the device and access personal information or execute arbitrary code with system privileges. Owners of iPhone can install the latest update from their phone or by connecting the device to iTunes from their computers.

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